2018 Resurfacing Press Release 5-15-18.pdf
Main StreetWalker Road
Temporary lane closures and flaggers
5/21/201810/31/201841.957365-88.415330Dave Sitko 630-313-075410/15/2018 3:49 PMStack, Lisa
 HuntleyGalligan PR 7-3-18.pdf
Huntley RoadGalligan Road
Temporary single lane closures from 7am-5pm; Monday - Saturday
7/9/201812/10/201842.148204-88.374082Patrick VerHalen 630-208-31387/3/2018 8:10 AMStack, Lisa
 HuntleyGalliganTC Change PR 9-28-18.pdf
Huntley RoadGalligan Road
New traffic pattern
10/10/201812/12/201842.148490-88.373610Patrick VerHalen 630-208-313810/17/2018 3:09 PMStack, Lisa
 Kirk over UPRR Deck Patching PR 10-2-18.pdf
IL Route 38Cherry Lane
One lane of N/B and S/B Kirk Road will be closed to traffic
10/8/201811/6/201841.882515 -88.278139Ken Mielke 630-406-717210/2/2018 7:48 AMStack, Lisa
 Kirk Road Pavement Patching PR 10-15-18.pdf
IL Route 38IL Route 64
One lane in each direction will be closed
10/18/201812/1/201841.912173-88.276927Ken Mielke 630-406-717210/15/2018 2:49 PMStack, Lisa
 LMP D-Route 62 and Longmeadow begin construction PR 4-5-18.pdf
IL Route 62Regan Boulevard and north Autumn Trail
Intermittent temporary daily lane closures during non-peak travel times
4/9/201811/30/201842.139838-88.249728Ken Mielke 630-406-71728/31/2018 7:37 AMStack, Lisa
 PaceShelters PR 9-10-18.pdf
Gyorr RoadWeld Road
Installation of Bus Shelters; temporary daily lane closures between 9am - 3pm; Construction work hours are Monday - Saturday, 7am-5pm
9/10/201812/10/201842.007129-88.336255Patrick VerHalen 630-208-31389/10/2018 8:33 AMStack, Lisa
 PR.092718.HuntleyGalliganTC Change.SCOK.pdf
Huntley RoadGalligan Road
adding left & right turn lanes on Galligan Road
10/10/201812/10/201842.148252-88.374039Patrick VerHalen 630-208-313810/3/2018 3:30 PMStack, Lisa
 Press Release 2018 Pavement Marking Programs 6-20-18.pdf
Granart RoudGetty Road
Temporary daily lane closures 8am-4pm; Monday-Friday
6/25/201810/31/201841.957317-88.415240Ray Johnson 630-406-735610/15/2018 2:58 PMStack, Lisa
 Ramm Peplow Press Release 4-13-18.pdf
Peplow RoadVirgil Ditch No. 3
Bridges posted for reduced loads
4/13/201812/31/201841.981952-88.547189Mike Zakosek 630-584-11708/2/2018 3:40 PMStack, Lisa
 Randall over Ferson Creek Bridge Repairs PR 10-22-18.pdf
Red Haw LaneCrane Road
Temporary lane closure
10/29/201811/30/201841.944382-88.340737Ken Mielke 630-406-717210/22/2018 11:08 AMStack, Lisa