12-00424-00-SP  Fab Orch Rand HSIP St 2-No. 2 PR 6-25-2020.pdf
McKee StreetWilson Street
Intersections configured to 4-way stop to complete traffic signal work.
6/29/20207/3/202041.851690-88.340432Dave Boesch 630-845-78756/25/2020 9:30 AMLebo, Kurt
 2020 Bowes Road Resurfacing PR 7-13-2020.pdf
Nesler RoadRandall Road
Temporary daily lane closures
7/20/20209/20/202042.006700-88.362321David Sitko 630-313-07547/13/2020 8:25 AMStack, Lisa
 2020 Longmeadow Parkway-White Chapel Lane to IL Route 31 Press Release 7-16-2020.pdf
White Chapel LaneIl Rt 31
Longmeadow Parkway Connector Road Open
7/21/20208/21/202042.138056 -88.296312Dave Boesch 630 845-78757/21/2020 7:28 AMBecker, Jennifer
 2020 Paint Pavement Marking PR 6-26-2020.pdf
Montgomery RoadGetty Road
Temporary daily lane closures
7/13/202010/20/202041.957341-88.338081Matt Schumacher 630-762-27446/26/2020 12:30 PMStack, Lisa
 2020 Press Release Pavement Preservation 6-25-2020.pdf
Meredith RoadBurlington Road
Temporary daily lane closures
7/6/20208/11/202041.957405-88.415058Matt Schumacher 224-760-09536/25/2020 4:25 PMStack, Lisa
 2020 Resurfacing Press Release 4-9-2020.pdf
Randall RoadOrchard Road
Temporary daily lane closures
4/13/202010/13/202042.139941-88.336370David Sitko 630-313-07544/9/2020 9:25 AMStack, Lisa
 2020 Silver Glen over Virgil Ditch Culvert Replacement PR 5-13-2020.pdf
Burlington RoadIL Route 47
Silver Glen Road between Burlington Road and IL Route 47 will be closed during the duration of the project
5/18/202010/30/202041.969515-88.466272David Sitko 630-313-07545/13/2020 10:08 AMStack, Lisa
 Bridge Inspections PR 7-10-2020.pdf
Kirk RoadUPRR
Traffic reduced to single lane
7/13/20207/14/202041.882444-88.278021Nils Jordahl 630-845-78717/10/2020 8:53 AMStack, Lisa
 Burlington Road over Virgil Ditch No 3 PR 6-10-2020.pdf
Rohrsen RoadPlato Road
Traffic reduced to one lane of travel
6/15/202010/30/202042.025815-88.504090Ken Mielke 630-406-71726/10/2020 12:23 PMStack, Lisa
 Fabyan and Kirk Intersection Improvement Press Release single lanes 6-12-2020.pdf
Fabyan ParkwayKirk Road
Traffic shifted to single lane configuration
6/13/20208/1/202041.868816-88.278292Ken Mielke 630-406-71726/12/2020 12:54 PMStack, Lisa
 HISP Randall Road Silver Glen to County Line PR 6-22-2020.pdf
Silver Glen RoadCounty Line Road
Temporary daily lane closures between  8am-4pm daily.
6/22/202012/31/202041.970289-88.340563Ken Mielke 630-406-71727/7/2020 9:16 AMLebo, Kurt
 HMA Crack Seal PR 6-30-2020.pdf
Bliss RoadRandall Road
Temporary daily lane closures
7/6/20209/11/202041.957365-88.415058Matt Schumacher 630-762-27446/30/2020 10:31 AMStack, Lisa
 Kirk Road MUP PR 8-3-2020 (002).pdf
Pine StreetFabyan Parkway
Traffic may be reduced to one lane
8/10/202010/30/202041.855541-88.278809Matt Schumacher 224-760-09538/3/2020 8:43 AMStack, Lisa
 LMP C2-West of Sandbloom to IL Route 25 stage 1 detour   PR 7-2-2020.pdf
Sandbloom RoadEntrance to the stone quarry
Full road closure.  Traffic will be routed around Bolz Road using Sandbloom Road, IL 62 and IL 25
7/8/20209/4/202042.139476-88.275358Dave Boesch 630-845-78757/7/2020 9:46 AMStack, Lisa
 Peck and Bricher Intersection Improvement PR 6-10-2020.pdf
IL Route 38Bricher Road
Temporary daily lane closures between 8am - 4pm
6/15/202010/31/202041.897422-88.359565Ken Mielke 630-406-71726/10/2020 1:30 PMStack, Lisa