Bliss Road over Blackberry Creek PR 3-20-17.pdf
Bliss RoadBlackberry Creek
Construction work hours from 7am-5pm, Monday - Saturday. 
3/27/201711/4/201741.780096-88.439829Patrick VerHalen 630-238-31383/20/2017 3:22 PMStack, Lisa
 BlissRoadStage1B PR 5-10-17.pdf
Bliss RoadBlackberry Creek
Construction work hours of 7am - 5pm, Monday - Saturday
5/1/201710/1/201741.779042-88.442455Patrick VerHalen 630-208-31385/10/2017 3:19 PMStack, Lisa
 KDOT Crack Sealing 6-12-17.pdf
Thatcher RoadGalligan Road
Construction work hours of 8am - 4pm daily:
-Thatcher Road from Root Lane to Beith Road
-Keslinger Road from County Line Road to IL Route 47
-Tyrrell Road from Big Timber Road to IL Route 72
-Galligan Road from Tyrrell Road to 1200' South of Huntley Rd.
-Kaneville Road from Fabyan Pkwy to Peck Road
-West County Line Rd. from Main Street to Perry Road
-Meredith Road from Union Ditch #3 Bridge Deck to Union Ditch # 3 Bridge Deck
6/19/20178/19/201741.956908-88.414502Dave Sitko 630-313-07546/9/2017 1:44 PMStack, Lisa
 LMP 13-00215-10-PV- White Chapel closure PR 8-14-17.pdf
Longmeadow ParkwayWhite Chapel Road
North part of intersection will remain closed to traffic for an estimated 2-3 weeks.
8/18/20179/12/201742.139187-88.313486Dave Boesch 630-845-78758/14/2017 4:17 PMStack, Lisa
 LMP A2-B1- Project 5.12.17.pdf
Randall RoadKaren Drive
Temporary daily lane closures
5/15/201711/30/201742.139712-88.334365Dave Boesch 630-845-78755/12/2017 2:31 PMStack, Lisa
 LMP A2-B1- Project Startup 4-17-17.pdf
Randall RoadKaren Drive
Temporary lane reduction
4/17/201711/30/201742.139465-88.326738Dave Boesch 630-845-78754/11/2017 2:28 PMStack, Lisa
 Pavement Preservation 8-2-17.pdf
McGough RoadIllinois Route 47
Ramm Road will remain open but reduced to one lane at various times for this work; construction work hours of 7am-4pm, Monday-Friday
8/3/20179/5/201741.981888-88.542382Patrick VerHalen 630-208-31388/2/2017 8:26 AMStack, Lisa
 PR.072517 Bliss Rd over Blackberry Creek.pdf
May RoadCapitol Drive
Construction work hours from 7am-5pm, Monday-Saturday
7/27/201711/3/201741.779008-88.441994Patrick VerHalen 630-208-31387/26/2017 9:01 AMStack, Lisa
 Resurfacing Patrol (2) 7-5-17.pdf
Perry RoadHarter Road
Temporary daily lane closures from 7am-4pm, Monday-Friday
-Perry Rd from West County Line Rd to Harter Rd
-Harter Rd from Perry Rd to 1500 SE of Scott Rd
7/3/201710/6/201741.843940-88.552061Patrick VerHalen 630-313-03147/5/2017 9:05 AMStack, Lisa
 Safety Improvement Project Begins in Kane County.pdf
Illinois Route 47Illinois Route 72
Daily lane closures necessary when construction activities are taking place:
-Illinois 47 from Prairie Valley Street to Swain Street in Elburn
-U.S. 20 at Highland Woods Boulevard in Pingree Grove
-U.S. 20 at Weld Road in Elgin
-Illinois 72 from Schmidt Drive to Warner Street in Hampshire
-Illinois 72 from Center Drive to Tyrell Road in Gilberts
-Illinois 72 at Tartans Drive in West Dundee
-Illinois 25 at Piemonte Drive in East Dundee
-McLean Boulevard from N. Lancaster Circle to S. Lancaster Circle in South Elgin
5/10/201710/31/201741.957260-88.415634Gianna Urgo, IDOT District 1 - 312-814-46935/10/2017 7:57 AMStack, Lisa