12-00424-00-SP  Fab Orch Rand HSIP St 2-PR No. 1-3-25-2020.pdf
Fabyan ParkwayRandall Road
Temporary daytime closures.  Work hours between 7am-3:30pm, Monday-Friday.
3/30/20205/25/202041.863698-88.323641Dave Boesch 630-845-78753/26/2020 7:53 AMStack, Lisa
 2019 Press Release Pavement Marking Program 6-18-19.pdf
Jericho RoadGetty Road
Temporary daily lane closures Monday-Friday, 8am-4pm
6/24/20193/31/202041.957397-88.415047Matt Schumacher 630-762-274411/1/2019 9:21 AMStack, Lisa
 2020 Fab over Fox PR No. 5 PR3-24-2020.pdf
Fabyan ParkwayFox River Brigde
Traffic reduced to one lane of traffic for the duration of construction
3/30/20206/20/202041.865266-88.310344Dave Boesch 630-845-78753/25/2020 7:11 AMStack, Lisa
 2020 Resurfacing Press Release 4-9-2020.pdf
Randall RoadOrchard Road
Temporary daily lane closures
4/13/202010/13/202042.139941-88.336370David Sitko 630-313-07544/9/2020 9:25 AMStack, Lisa
 Fabyan and Kirk Intersection Improvement PR 3-23-2020.pdf
Fabyan ParkwayKirk Road
Traffic shift; Temporary lane closures between 8am - 4pm daily.
3/23/20209/30/202041.868946-88.279342Ken Mielke 630-406-71723/23/2020 5:31 PMStack, Lisa
 Fabyan Parkway at Kirk Road.pdf
Paramount ParkwayKingsland Drive
Additional turn lanes and through lanes, Temporary lane closures with flaggers from 8:00AM to 4:00PM.
7/30/20199/30/202041.868816-88.279292Ken Mielke 630-406-71727/30/2019 9:34 AMDickson, Jerry
 Randall Rd at Weld PR No. 3 2-5-2020.pdf
Randall RoadWeld Road/US Route 20
Expect longer than normal delays
2/10/20205/1/202042.030841-88.338081Dave Boesch 630-845-78752/5/2020 4:01 PMStack, Lisa
 Randall Road at Stearns Road Intersection Improvement Press Release Punchlist Work PR 4-9-2020.pdf
Randall RoadSteaarns Road/Mcdonald Road
Temporary daily lane closures
4/7/20205/14/202041.985024-88.340781David Sitko 630-313-07544/9/2020 8:56 AMStack, Lisa
 Randall Road at Stearns Road Intersection Improvement Press Release.pdf
Thornwood AveGyorr Rd
Constructing new northbound and southbound through lanes, traffic signal and roadway lighting. Lane closures and flaggers from 9:00AM to 3:00PM daily.
4/8/20194/30/202041.985417-88.340818David Sitko 630-313-07542/28/2020 10:45 AMStack, Lisa
 Silver Glen over Otter Creek Bridge Replacement Punchlist and Bridge Resurfacing PR 4-9-2020.pdf
Silver Glen RoadOtter Creek
Travel over the bridge will be one lane in each direction
4/13/20206/15/202041.970228-88.356279David Sitko 630-313-07544/9/2020 8:34 AMStack, Lisa