2019 Fab over Fox PR No. 2 PR 8-19-19.pdf
IL Route 25IL Route 31
Traffic will be reduced to one lane between 5:30am and 4:00pm
8/21/201912/1/201941.865485-88.310218Dave Boesch 630-845-78758/19/2019 12:56 PMStack, Lisa
 2019 Kirk Cherry HSIP PR No. 2  8-19-19.pdf
IL Route 38Fabyan Parkway
Traffic reduced to one lane of traffic in each direction from 5:00 am to 5:00 pm
8/23/20198/24/201941.875039-88.278356Dave Boesch 630-845-78758/19/2019 12:50 PMStack, Lisa
 2019 Press Release Pavement Marking Program 6-18-19.pdf
Jericho RoadGetty Road
Temporary daily lane closures Monday-Friday, 8am-4pm
6/24/201910/31/201941.957397-88.415047Matt Schumacher 630-762-27446/18/2019 3:04 PMStack, Lisa
 2019 Resurfacing Press Release and Map.pdf
IL RT64/Gyorr Ave/Butterfield RdIL47/Hopps Rd/Wilson St
Resurfacing with temporary lane closures and flaggers between 9AM and 4PM on Kirk and Randall Roads and 7AM to 5PM on Burlington Road. Expect long delays and watch out for workers, flaggers and vehicles entering and exiting the construction zones.
4/15/20199/1/201941.988733-88.340819David Sitko 630-313-07544/10/2019 10:12 AMDickson, Jerry
 2019 Silver Glen over Otter Creek Bridge Replacement Press Release.pdf
Corron RoadRandall Road
anticipated duration for the bridge repair work is approximately 6 months, weather permitting. Work will consist of the demolition of the existing bridge and pedestrian bridge and replacement with a three span reinforced concrete slab bridge and steel truss pedestrian bridge, reconstruction of
approach roadway, resurfacing, earthwork, restoration, guardrail, temporary traffic signal and all other work necessary to complete the project.
5/27/201911/27/201941.970169-88.356320David Sitko 630-313-07545/23/2019 10:54 AMDickson, Jerry
 Fabyan Parkway at Kirk Road.pdf
Paramount ParkwayKingsland Drive
Additional turn lanes and through lanes, Temporary lane closures with flaggers from 8:00AM to 4:00PM.
7/30/20199/30/202041.868816-88.279292Ken Mielke 630-406-71727/30/2019 9:34 AMDickson, Jerry
 Kane County Pavement Preservation.pdf
 Kane County will begin the process of applying an asphalt
sealer/rejuvenator on the County routes listed below. Signs indicating start dates will be posted at each route approximately one week prior to starting the application of the rejuvenator.  Construction work hours will be as indicated on the below table.  The project is anticipated to take approximately
three months, weather permitting.
5/13/20198/30/201941.866622-88.306134Patrick VerHalen (630) 208-31385/7/2019 2:10 PMDickson, Jerry
 Kirk Road at Pine Street.pdf
Pine StreetPine Street
Construction activites will begin at the intersection of Kirk Road and Pine Street in Batavia. Temporary single l;ane closures of Kirk Road with flaggers directing traffic. Hours 7:00AM to 9:00PM Monday through Saturday.
5/6/20198/30/201941.8554415-88.277807Patrick VerHalen (630) 208-31385/1/2019 3:55 PMDickson, Jerry
 LMP C-3 Route 25 and Bolz Road construction PR stage change 2A PR 6-17-19.pdf
Cherokee RoadSilverstone Road
New traffic pattern
6/17/20199/17/201942.141568-88.257753Ken Mielke 630-406-71726/17/2019 10:17 AMStack, Lisa
 LMP D-Route 62 and Longmeadow traffic switch stage 3 PR 6-17-19.pdf
Royal BoulevardNorth Autumn Trail
New traffic pattern
6/17/20199/17/201942.140599-88.244292Ken Mielke 630-406-71726/17/2019 10:19 AMStack, Lisa
 Longmeadow Pkwy - IL25 at Bolz Road.pdf
Bolz RoadIL25
Intermittent temporary lane closures along IL25 between Cherokee Road and Silverstone Drive for unloading supplies and equipment to begin pavement widening along IL25.
4/29/201911/11/201942.1400801-88.265566Ken Mielke 630-406-71725/1/2019 10:14 AMDickson, Jerry
 Peplow over Virgil Ditch No 3 Press Release.doc 2.pdf
Ramm RoadMiddleton Road
Peplow Road will be closed to traffic between Ramm Road and Middleton Road in Burlington Township in order to safely and more efficiently replace the existing bridge structure.
5/6/201911/30/201944.990447-88.547533Ken Mielke at (630) 406-71725/3/2019 4:13 PMDickson, Jerry
 PR.2019CrackSeal.070319 SCOK.pdf
Randall RoadGetty Road
Temporary daily lane closures; Construction work hours from 7am-4pm daily
7/15/20199/1/201941.957365-88.415358Patrick Verhalen 630-208-31387/3/2019 3:29 PMStack, Lisa
Kane County will begin the process of updating pedestrian
crossings to meet current Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requirements. Each crossing will have the sidewalks and curbs replaced with depressed curbs, detectable warnings, and wheelchair accessible slopes.  Each crossing will be closed for up to 5 days at a time to allow for concrete
removal, replacement, and curing.  
5/13/20198/30/201941.882702-88.359810Patrick VerHalen (630) 208-31385/7/2019 2:16 PMDickson, Jerry
 PR.RandallCulvertExtend.081319. SCOK.pdf
Mill StreetFabyan Parkway
Traffic may be reduced to one lane; construction work hours are 7:00am until 4:00pm each day
8/19/201910/31/201941.861499-88.340502Patrick Verhalen 630-208-31388/15/2019 9:58 AMStack, Lisa
 Press Release Dunham Rd.pdf
Royal Fox DriveBrewster Creek Circle
The work consists of tree trimming and utility pole and
equipment relocation to enhance service reliability in the area. Construction work hours will be from 9:00 am until 3:00 pm Monday thru Friday requiring temporary daily lane closures and
flaggers directing traffic for the safety of the workers and the travelling public. 
5/27/20198/1/201941.953774-88.268314Rob Burhite (ComEd) 847-608-24157/10/2019 3:26 PMStack, Lisa
 Press Release Randall at Weld.pdf
Weld RoadU.S. Route 20
Road work at the intersection of Randall Road at Weld Road/U.S. Route 20 is scheduled to begin with staging, striping, temporary concrete barrier wall and rumble strip removal on U.S. Route 20 starting the week of May 27, 2019, weather permitting.  The anticipated duration for the project is approximately 7 months, weather permitting. Work will consist of the termination of Weld Road at Randall Road with the construction of a new access ramp from northbound Randall Road to eastbound U.S. Route 20 thereby reducing congestion and improving safety.  Motorists are to be cautious and be alert for equipment within the roadway shoulder areas and the workers walking within these areas.
5/27/201912/27/201942.030833-88.338088David Sitko at (630) 313-07545/23/2019 4:34 PMCoffinbargar, Steve
 Randall at Weld PR 6-7-19.pdf
Randall RoadWeld Road/US Route 20
Existing access to Weld Road to Randall Road will be permanently closed starting June 13, 2019.
6/13/201910/13/201942.030879-88.338084Dave Boesch 630-845-78756/7/2019 2:11 PMStack, Lisa
 Randall Road at Stearns Road Intersection Improvement Press Release Resurfacing.pdf
Thornwood AveGyorr Rd
Resurfacing requiring temporary lane closures with flaggers directing traffic. Overnight lane closures of one of the left turn lanes to construct electrical heavy duty handholes.
8/5/20199/7/201941.984989-88.340661David Sitko 630-313-07547/30/2019 7:43 AMDickson, Jerry
 Randall Road at Stearns Road Intersection Improvement Press Release.pdf
Thornwood AveGyorr Rd
Constructing new northbound and southbound through lanes, traffic signal and roadway lighting. Lane closures and flaggers from 9:00AM to 3:00PM daily.
4/8/201912/8/201941.985417-88.340818David Sitko 630-313-07544/1/2019 2:04 PMDickson, Jerry
 Watch Your Signal PR  7-11-19.pdf
Fabyan ParkwayOak Street
Adjustments to signal staging will be made to left turn movements
7/17/20198/17/201941.897777-88.340291Stephen Zulkowski 630-208-31397/11/2019 1:54 PMStack, Lisa