HuntleyGalliganTC SIGNALTURN ON PR 1-23-19.pdf
Huntley RoadGalligan Road
New traffic signals to be operational starting January 29th
1/29/20193/31/201942.148204-88.374082Patrick VerHalen 630-208-31381/23/2019 9:17 AMStack, Lisa
 PaceShelters PR 9-10-18.pdf
Gyorr RoadWeld Road
Installation of Bus Shelters; temporary daily lane closures between 9am - 3pm; Construction work hours are Monday - Saturday, 7am-5pm
9/10/20183/29/201942.007129-88.336255Patrick VerHalen 630-208-31381/17/2019 1:54 PMStack, Lisa
 Ramm Peplow Press Release 4-13-18.pdf
Peplow RoadVirgil Ditch No. 3
Bridges posted for reduced loads
4/13/20186/30/201941.981952-88.547189Mike Zakosek 630-584-11701/3/2019 4:10 PMStack, Lisa