2015 Bicycle Planning MapMaps5/5/2015 8:57 AMChris Ardelean
2017-2018 Kane and Northern Kendall County Bicycle MapMaps5/4/2017 2:51 PMTedder, Adam
 2017-2018 Hwy Map UPDATE March 2018.pdf
2017-2018 Kane County Highway MapMaps3/22/2018 11:41 AMBigbie, Ryan
Kane County 2040 Transportation Plan OverviewPlanning11/5/2012 11:18 AMChris Ardelean
 AADT 2015.pdf
Annual Average Daily Traffic Map 2015Data4/25/2016 1:04 PMForbes, Jackie
 AADT Locations_Final.pdf
Annual Average Daily Traffic Map 2011-2012Data4/25/2016 1:02 PMForbes, Jackie
 Agricultural Access Detail.pdf
Access Detail ExamplePermitting4/20/2016 9:55 AMBecker, Jennifer
Kane County Bicycle and Pedestrian PlanPlanning10/3/2016 12:08 PMForbes, Jackie
 Class II 2011-2012.pdf
Class II Truck Routes Kane CountyPermitting4/20/2016 9:56 AMBecker, Jennifer
 County Engineer Signature Block.pdf
County Engineer Signature Block ExamplePermitting4/20/2016 9:56 AMBecker, Jennifer
 Design Review Letter of Credit updated 2006.pdf
Letter of Credit - Design ReviewPermitting4/20/2016 9:58 AMBecker, Jennifer
Elgin Far West Planning Area Roadway Improvement PlanPlanning11/5/2012 1:28 PMChris Ardelean
Existing Transportation Conditions and Forecasts of Future Travel DemandPlanning11/5/2012 3:31 PMChris Ardelean
Fabyan Parkway Feasibility StudyPlanning11/5/2012 3:31 PMChris Ardelean
 FY2017 Highway Budget.pdf
FY2017 Kane County DOT BudgetBudget & Programming5/3/2017 9:32 AMBecker, Jennifer
 Highway Bond.pdf
Highway BondPermitting4/20/2016 9:56 AMBecker, Jennifer
 Kane County Minimum Design Standards.pdf
Minimum Design StandardsPermitting4/20/2016 9:59 AMBecker, Jennifer
 Letter of Credit-2 Year-Construction.pdf
Letter of Credit - ConstructionPermitting4/20/2016 9:58 AMBecker, Jennifer
 Letter of Credit-5 year-Construction Observation-boring.pdf
Letter of Credit 5 Year Boring Under RoadwayPermitting4/20/2016 9:58 AMBecker, Jennifer
 Minimum Design Standards.pdf
Minimum Design StandardsPublications4/9/2010 10:32 AMChris Ardelean
Northwest Kane County Planning Area Transportation Improvement PlanPlanning11/5/2012 3:33 PMChris Ardelean
Paratransit Coordinating Study Existing ConditionsPlanning11/5/2012 3:33 PMChris Ardelean
Paratransit Coordination Study Recommended Coordination StrategiesPlanning11/5/2012 3:33 PMChris Ardelean
Paratransit Coordination StudyPlanning11/5/2012 3:33 PMChris Ardelean
 Proper completion of Certificate of Insurance revised.pdf
Kane County Certificate of Insurance RequirementsPermitting4/29/2016 8:53 AMForbes, Jackie
Randall Road Pace Route 529 Plan - Improving Access to Bus Service Final ReportPlanning11/5/2012 3:34 PMChris Ardelean
 Red Light Running Photo Enforcement Policy-Revised 10-12-2010.pdf
Policy for Red Light Running (RLR) Photo Enforcement Systems Publications2/3/2016 2:47 PMBecker, Jennifer
Red Light Camera Resolution 10-315Publications2/15/2012 7:45 AMChris Ardelean
 Right in-Right out design with signals.pdf
Right in-Right out DesignPermitting4/20/2016 9:52 AMBecker, Jennifer
Sugar Grove, Aurora, Montgomery Planning Area Transportation Improvement PlanPlanning11/5/2012 3:35 PMChris Ardelean
Snow Plow Ride-Along ApplicationPublications12/20/2012 11:13 AMChris Ardelean
FY 2017 Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) MapBudget & Programming5/4/2017 2:49 PMBecker, Jennifer
Transit Opportunity Assessment StudyPlanning11/5/2012 3:35 PMChris Ardelean
Utility Permit Regs and Installation DrawingsPermitting4/20/2016 9:59 AMBecker, Jennifer
Village of Carpentersville Fox River Local Bridge Study Planning11/5/2012 3:36 PMChris Ardelean
West Upper Fox Planning Area Transportation Improvement PlanPlanning11/5/2012 1:25 PMChris Ardelean