Projects Project ManagerBliss Main Fabyan Intersection Realignment; Bunker-Road-Extension; Burlington-at-Bolcum; Kirk Dunham; Kirk Road Over the Union Pacific Railroad; Randall Hopps; Randall 20 Study; Randall Weld; Burlington Road at Illinois 47 Roundabout
190 Project ManagerDauberman Road Exntension; Peck Bricher; Silver Glen
260 Director – Project ImplementationFox River Bridges; Longmeadow Pkwy; Qualification Based Selection
40 of DesignRandall 190 Planning and Environmental Linkage
310 ManagerSilver Glen Randall
130 of ConstructionStearns Rd Bridge; Burlington-at-Bolcum; Highway Projects; Traffic Alerts
30 Operations EngineerHSIP-FYA; Safety
320 Chief of StaffEmployment Opportunities; What We're Doing
20 of Planning and Programming2040 Transit Plan; ADA Transition; Capital Improvement Program; Impact Fees; Long Range; Planning
60 Impact Fee Program CoordinatorImpact Fees
140 Engineer/Director of Transportation
10 of Staff/Deputy Director of Transporation
200 of FinanceBudget
80 of Land Acquisition
290 Administrative Officer
250 SuperintendentMaintenance; Safety; Winter Operations
50 Liaison/Bicycle Pedestrian CoordinatorADA Transition; Bicycle and Pedestrian Resources; Planning
230 of Traffic Operations and PermittingAdopt-a-Highway; Moving Permits; Permits; Safety
180 EngineerPermits; Safety
70 a Highway TechnicianAdopt-a-Highway; Moving Permits; Permits
90 SupervisorMaintenance; Safety
270 SupervisorMaintenance
280 Project Manager/SurveyorHighway Projects
170 ManagerHighway Projects
240 ManagerHighway Projects
220 ManagerHighway Projects
100 TechnicianPermits
160 Engineering TechnicianJulie
110 II
300 Accountant
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