​​​Randall/Orchard Bus Rapid Transit Feasibility Study

What does the future hold for the Randall/Orchard Road corridor? Could Bus Rapid Transit be accommodated and supported in the corridor by the year 2040?

Bus Rapid Transit is a high quality transit service that is gaining popularity across the country. This service yields many benefits including increased transit ridership, reduced congestion and travel times, increased land values, and improved air quality. It is an enhanced transit service that offers many of the same attributes as rail transit, such as fast, frequent, and reliable service, specialized vehicles and high-amenity stations. Many of these elements have proven successful as catalysts for real estate and economic development resulting in job creation.

Recognizing that the Randall/Orchard corridor is far from ready to accommodate full BRT, one of the benefits of this type of transit service is the ability for incremental system implementation and development. This study will:

  • Focus on the future conditions needed to successfully accommodate BRT along the corridor;
  • Model future "what-if" scenarios and examine the potential benefits to the region in terms of traffic congestion and emission reductions, overall air quality improvements, increased land values, job creation and economic development resulting from the deployment of BRT service;
  • Emphasize opportunities for incremental steps and immediate actions that local governments can make to bring BRT to Kane County in the future.