Randall Road at Hopps Road​

Project Overview

The Kane County Division of Transportation has retained the professional engineering services of Christopher B. Burke Engineering, Ltd. to complete a Phase I Engineering Study for the reconstruction of the Randall Road at Hopps Road intersection. The primary objective of this project is to build upon other ongoing safety and capacity improvements along Randall Road, to evaluate long-range safety and capacity improvement needs and to connect the multi-use path that exists along the west side of Randall Road to the north and south.

While the goal of the Phase I study is to explore different alternatives, after studying the proposed improvement as part of the selection process, it is anticipated to include a slight realignment of Randall Road to the west, and a realignment of Hopps Road to address safety concerns with the existing intersection angle and to correct reverse curve superelevation transition that exists within the intersection. The cross section for this stretch of Randall Road will be widened from the existing 2-lanes in each direction to 3-lanes in each direction due to projected growth in travel demand, and to match the existing 6-lane sections to the south at Stearns Road and to the north at Walmart Entrance (south of Bowes Road), which is about 1 mile in length. In addition, we will be evaluating a potential grade separation at the CNRR crossing due to the adverse effect of “gates down” conditions. Below is an exhibit that shows the proposed improvement concept, which is a good representation of what we’re expecting the project to be.

This project would require land acquisition but no residential or commercial displacements. Environmental studies will take place as part of this Phase I including a wetland delineation and a noise analysis study.

The Phase I study would continue until the Spring of 2021 and at that time will be ready for submission to different federal funding opportunities for project implementation.