Galligan Road - Binnie Road to Freeman Road

Project Manager:​  Colleen Jaltuch, P.E., RSP1


The Kane County Division of Transportation has retained the professional engineering services of Baxter & Woodman, Inc. to complete Phase I and Phase II Design Engineering Services for Roadway and Intersection Improvements on Galligan Road from Binnie Road to Freeman Road within the Village of Gilberts in Kane County.  The primary objective of this improvement is to identify and analyze operational, capacity and safety concerns of the intersections and develop a preferred alternative to address any feasible needs.

The Phase I study is on-going and will include a crash analysis of each intersection, analysis of existing and projected traffic demands, environmental studies (including a wetland delineation and a noise analysis study), and the development of a preferred concept for future implementation.

The cross section for this stretch of Galligan Road will be widened from the existing 1-lane in each direction, to 1-lane in each direction with an additional bi-directional turn lane.  No additional through lanes are proposed along Galligan Road; however, the left and right turn lane storage and taper lengths are to be lengthened to assist with the level-of-service of the intersections and to improve capacity and safety at the existing intersections.  The need for this improvement is driven by increasing traffic queues which have reached unacceptable levels of service during peak periods.

Bicycle and Pedestrian accommodations are also being investigated as part of the overall improvement. 

This improvement will require land acquisition; however, no residential or commercial displacements are anticipated.

KDOT Project Manager Contact: Colleen Jaltuch

Direct Phone:  (630) 845-3796