​​​​Bunker Road Extension from Keslinger to LaFox Road

Project Manager: Jennifer O'Connell, PE​


Preliminary engineering is now underway to extend Bunker Road from its current northern terminus at the LaFox Metra station, to LaFox Road north of the LaFox Village District Center, in unincorporated Blackberry Township. The project was included in the County's adopted long range transportation plans since 2004, and was identified in the late 1990's as an improvement that could reduce congestion and provide a better north/south connection in the central portion of the County. The proposed extension length is approximately 5,000 feet and incorporates the existing underpass of the Union Pacific railroad tracks which was constructed as part of the Metra West Line extension in 2006 to accommodate the proposed Bunker Road extension.

Another unique element to the project is a planned roundabout for the intersection of Bunker and Keslinger Roads. A roundabout at this location is considered safer than a traditional stop sign or signal-controlled intersection, will be more effective at reducing congestion, and will have lower long-term maintenance costs.

Through its award winning Qualifications Based Selection process, the Kane County Division of Transportation selected WBK Engineering to provide professional design services. This firm has been a great asset because of their knowledge and history of the area. The proposed extension roadway is currently planned to be County funded and maintained.