​​Bliss/Main/Fabyan Intersection Realignme​​​​​nt

Project Manager: Jennifer O'Connell, PE


This project involves Phase I Engineering and Environmental Studies for the realignment of Bliss Road and Fabyan Parkway to create a four-legged intersection with Main Street. Surveys, traffic projections and analysis, drainage issues, environmental coordination, permitting and public input are all included in order to create design alternatives. The alternative analysis and a preliminary design of a preferred alternative are included in this project


This project was first approved by the County Board nearly 13 years ago when the County, the Forest Preserve District and the Batavia Park District began the process to set aside land for the improvement. Today much of the right-of-way has been acquired and intergovernmental agreements are in place to help bring the project to fruition.


During evaluation the advantages that a roundabout provided us at this location are clea​r. A better level of service, improved intersection skew angle and the road will not need to be superelevated through the intersection. For these reasons the roundabout is safer than a traditional signal-controlled intersection, will be more effective at reducing congestion, and will have lower long-term maintenance costs. A right turn by-pass lane on the north leg only will be required with current traffic projections. Moving forward Staff’s preferred design alternative is #2, the yellow alignment, on the Bliss leg, a roundabout at the intersection and then alternative #1, the green alignment on the north leg.