2023 Kane County Resurfacing Program 2 PR 4-3-2023.pdf
Sleepy Hollow RoadRandall Road
Intermittent temporary daily lane closures; Work hours from 7am - 5pm, Monday - Saturday
4/10/20237/11/202342.116806-88.321221Matt Schumacher 630-762-27443/31/2023 12:53 PMStack, Lisa
 Bliss Road-Main Street Road-Fabyan Parkway Intersection Reconstruction PR 7-28-2022.pdf
Bliss RoadFabyan Parkway
Temporary daily lane closures from 8am - 4pm; Monday - Saturday
8/1/202211/30/202341.845462-88.406795Ken Mielke 630-406-71727/28/2022 7:47 AMStack, Lisa
 Dauberman Road Extension.pdf
US 30Granart Road
Temporary daily lane closures from 7am - 5pm; Monday thru Saturday
5/8/202311/29/202441.76455219643369-88.52797120560655Ken Mielke 630-885-31395/8/2023 8:18 AMStack, Lisa
 Fabyan Parkway Bridge Embankment Grading Improvements Project PR 3-31-2023.pdf
Fox River TrailIL Route 25
Temporary daily lane closures; work hours of 7am - 5pm, Monday - Saturday
4/3/20236/9/202341.865649-88.310483David Sitko 630-313-07543/31/2023 11:47 AMStack, Lisa
 Fabyan Parkway Intersection Improvement Traffic Control Modification.pdf
Fabyan ParkwaySettler's Hill
Temporary lane closures from 9am - 3pm
5/12/20235/13/202341.868798163672075-88.28816146061577Stephen Zulkowski 630-208-31395/8/2023 10:37 AMStack, Lisa
 Guardrail Improvement Project PR 4-10-2023.pdf
Various Roads - See MapVarious Roads - See Map
Temporary daily lane closures; work hours from 7am - 4pm, Monday - Friday
4/17/20237/31/202341.956854170075694-88.41536882740975Matt Schumacher 630-762-27444/10/2023 8:15 AMStack, Lisa
 Harmony Road Culvert Replacement Road Closure PR  3-28-2023.pdf
Getty RoadKelley Road
Harmony Road closure between Kelley Road and Getty Road
4/3/20237/7/202342.153842-88.535391Ken Mielke 630-885-31393/28/2023 7:55 AMStack, Lisa
 Kane County ADA Ramp Improvements Project.pdf
Various Roads - See MapVarious Roads - See Map
3/27/20237/31/202342.006710-88.360123Eduardo Jimenez 224-339-30633/17/2023 3:35 PMStack, Lisa
 Longmeadow Parkway Corridor Improvement PR 5-4-2023.pdf
Longmeadow ParkwayIllinois Route 25
Soil removal operations; 6am - 6pm; Monday - Saturday
5/8/20235/10/202442.14017250330529-88.25792096313627Dave Boesch 630-845-78755/4/2023 8:50 AMStack, Lisa
 Orchard at US 30 Reconstruction PR 4-14-2022.pdf
Orchard RoadU.S. Route 30
Temporary daily lane closures; Mon-Sat; 7am - 5pm
5/3/20225/6/202341.722633-88.375350Dave Boesch 630-845-78754/14/2022 9:04 AMStack, Lisa
 Resurfacing PR 4-17-2023.pdf
Various Roads - See MapVarious Roads - See Map
Construction work hours from 7am - 5pm; Monday - Saturday
4/24/202310/31/202341.95702968847034-88.41462853907542David Sitko 630-313-07544/17/2023 8:28 AMStack, Lisa