Project Implementation Report for March 17, 2020 DRAFT.pdf
Longmeadow Parkway Update - March 2020 Transportation Committee MeetingOther Documents3/26/20203/26/2020 1:25 PMCoffinbargar, Steve
 Longmeadow update 02092020.pdf
Updated Longmeadow Parkway Corridor Map, March 2020Other Documents3/9/20203/9/2020 10:37 AMCoffinbargar, Steve
Longmeadow Section C-2 Revised Pre-Final Plans, Jan 2020Other Documents1/30/20201/30/2020 11:40 AMCoffinbargar, Steve
 LMP Section B-2 Final Plans, Aug 2018.pdf
LMP Section B-2 Final Plans, Aug 2018Meeting Agendas1/30/20203/6/2020 2:27 PMArdelean, Chris
 2019 Longmeadow Parkway Bridge Corridor Financial Plan Update.pdf
LMP Financial Plan Annual Update, August 31, 2019Other Documents9/9/20199/9/2019 3:45 PMForbes, Jackie
 Link to LMP 2018 Annual Update to Financial Plan.pdf
LMP Financial Plan Annual Update, Aug 31, 2018Other Documents11/1/20182/20/2019 4:02 PMCoffinbargar, Steve
 !63955_Longmeadow C1_11 x 17 Plans_Issued for Construction.pdf
Longmeadow Section C-1 Final Plans, Oct 2018Other Documents10/31/20181/30/2020 11:25 AMCoffinbargar, Steve
 LMP Final O_M and T_R Studies.docx
Final Toll Bridge Operations & Maintenance Study & Final Comprehensive Traffic & Toll Revenue StudyOther Documents10/31/20183/6/2019 9:49 AMCoffinbargar, Steve
 01-Update_Final LMP Re-evaluation_092018.pdf
Longmeadow Parkway - Re-Evaluation Determination, Sept. 24, 2018Other Documents9/24/20189/24/2018 1:58 PMCoffinbargar, Steve
 LMP Section C-3 Final Plans, Aug 2018.pdf
Longmeadow Section C-3 Final Plans, Aug 2018Other Documents8/31/20181/30/2020 11:21 AMCoffinbargar, Steve
 LMP Anti-Degradation Assessment, March 2015.pdf
LMP Anti-Degradation Assessment, March 2015Other Documents8/23/20188/23/2018 7:47 AMCoffinbargar, Steve
 Wetland Report and Addendums.pdf
LMP Wetland Report and AddendumsOther Documents8/23/20188/23/2018 1:41 PMCoffinbargar, Steve
 Link to LMP 2017 Annual Update to Financial Plan.pdf
Longmeadow Parkway Financial Plan Annual Update, August 2017 Other Documents1/11/20181/11/2018 4:24 PMCoffinbargar, Steve
 Longmeadow B2 Final _Final Plans (w adden included).pdf
Longmeadow Section B-2 Final Plans, Nov 2017Other Documents11/30/20171/30/2020 11:10 AMCoffinbargar, Steve
 LMP Reeval_B2 and D_09262017_FINAL.PDF
Longmeadow Parkway - Re-Evaluation Determination, October 3, 2017Other Documents10/3/201710/3/2017 3:08 PMCoffinbargar, Steve
 PL-61D16-052 Complete.pdf
Longmeadow Section D Final Plans, Aug 2017Other Documents8/31/20171/30/2020 11:07 AMCoffinbargar, Steve
 17-00066.4 Amendment Agreement, Cover Letter, Environ Certif.pdf
Approval for Amendment No. 4 to Land and Water Conservation Fund Project 17-00066Other Documents8/28/201710/23/2017 8:52 AMCoffinbargar, Steve
 2017-06-30 - Longmeadow Parkway Biological Assessment of Sections B-2_C_D.pdf
Biological Assessment of Sections B-2, C & DOther Documents7/24/20177/24/2017 11:51 AMCoffinbargar, Steve
 01192017  Quick Take Authority Public Hearing Transcript and Public Comment.pdf
"Quick Take" Authority Public Hearing Transcript and Public CommentOther Documents2/7/20172/7/2017 2:07 PMCoffinbargar, Steve
 Longmeadow Parkway FINAL 11x17 Plans 102816.pdf
Longmeadow Section A-2/B-1 Final Plans, Jan 2017Other Documents1/30/20171/30/2020 11:00 AMCoffinbargar, Steve
 Final Federal Action - Kane County.pdf
Public Notice of Final Federal Agency Action, Jan. 13, 2017Other Documents1/17/20171/17/2017 1:14 PMCoffinbargar, Steve
 LMP Quick Take Public Notice including Legals - Updated.pdf
Public Notice for Public Hearing to Request "Quick Take" AuthorityOther Documents1/17/20171/17/2017 1:11 PMCoffinbargar, Steve
 2016_11_07_RP_DSS_Longmeadow Parkway Phase I Addendum-FINAL-Optimized.pdf
Approved Design Report AddendumOther Documents12/9/201612/9/2016 2:45 PMCoffinbargar, Steve
 Link to FONSI.pdf
Finding of No Significant ImpactOther Documents12/9/201612/9/2016 9:52 AMCoffinbargar, Steve
 Longmeadow Parkway FONSI and Design Approval 2016-11-22.pdf
FHWA's Finding of No Significant Impact transmittal letter, Nov. 22, 2016Other Documents12/9/201612/9/2016 9:55 AMCoffinbargar, Steve
 Link to Errata.pdf
Errata to the EA ReevaluationOther Documents12/8/201612/9/2016 9:52 AMCoffinbargar, Steve
 Link to Public Comments and Responses.pdf
EA Reevaluation Public Comments & ResponsesOther Documents12/8/201612/9/2016 9:50 AMCoffinbargar, Steve
 Link to Longmeadow Parkway Bridge Corridor - Financial Plan Annual Update, Aug_2016.pdf
Longmeadow Parkway Financial Plan Annual Update, August 2016Other Documents11/14/201611/14/2016 4:13 PMCoffinbargar, Steve
 Environmental Reevaluation.pdf
Environmental ReevaluationOther Documents9/15/201612/9/2016 3:06 PMCoffinbargar, Steve
 APPENDIX A - Cultural Resources.pdf
APPENDIX A - Cultural ResourcesOther Documents9/14/20169/14/2016 4:09 PMTedder, Adam
 APPENDIX B - Noise Analysis.pdf
APPENDIX B - Noise AnalysisOther Documents9/14/20169/14/2016 4:10 PMTedder, Adam
 APPENDIX C - Natural Resources.pdf
APPENDIX C - Natural ResourcesOther Documents9/14/20169/14/2016 4:10 PMTedder, Adam
 APPENDIX D - PESA Review.pdf
APPENDIX D - PESA ReviewOther Documents9/14/20169/14/2016 4:10 PMTedder, Adam
 APPENDIX E - Section 4f Documentation.pdf
APPENDIX E - Section 4f DocumentationOther Documents9/14/20169/14/2016 4:11 PMTedder, Adam
 APPENDIX F - Significant Milestones and Public Meeting Summary.pdf
APPENDIX F - Significant Milestones and Public Meeting SummaryOther Documents9/14/20169/14/2016 4:10 PMTedder, Adam
 APPENDIX G - Public Comments and Responses.pdf
APPENDIX G - Public Comments and ResponsesOther Documents9/14/20169/14/2016 4:11 PMTedder, Adam
 FIGURE 1 - Environmental Resource Map.pdf
FIGURE 1 - Environmental Resource MapOther Documents9/14/201611/2/2016 9:55 AMCoffinbargar, Steve
 FIGURE 2 - Range in ADT Values.pdf
FIGURE 2 - Range in ADT ValuesOther Documents9/14/20169/14/2016 4:12 PMTedder, Adam
 FIGURE 3 - Aerial Photographs Comparing Land Use.pdf
FIGURE 3 - Aerial Photographs Comparing Land UseOther Documents9/14/20169/14/2016 4:12 PMTedder, Adam
LongMeadow_adOther Documents9/14/20169/14/2016 4:09 PMTedder, Adam
 Section 4F De Minimis for Fox River Shores Forest Preserve.pdf
Section 4F De Minimis for Fox River Shores Forest PreserveOther Documents9/14/20169/14/2016 4:09 PMTedder, Adam
8-30-2016 Public Hearing PresentationOther Documents8/31/20168/31/2016 12:29 PMFiles, Heidi
 LMP Fast Facts.pdf
Longmeadow Parkway Fast FactsOther Documents8/18/20168/18/2016 2:31 PMCoffinbargar, Steve
Longmeadow Parkway Frequently Asked QuestionsOther Documents8/18/20168/18/2016 2:29 PMCoffinbargar, Steve
 Longmeadow Parkway Myths vs  Facts.pdf
Longmeadow Parkway Myths vs  FactsMeeting Agendas8/18/20163/6/2020 2:27 PMArdelean, Chris
Longmeadow Parkway Myths vs. FactsOther Documents8/18/20168/18/2016 3:01 PMCoffinbargar, Steve
 Longmeadow Tree Mitigation Plan March 3 2016 FINAL.pdf
Longmeadow Parkway Approved Tree Mitigation Plan, April 2016Other Documents4/12/20164/14/2016 5:27 PMCoffinbargar, Steve
 Longmeadow Tree Report Addendum A_September 2015_Final Addendum.pdf
Longmeadow Approved Addendum to the Tree Report, April 2016Other Documents4/1/20164/14/2016 5:28 PMCoffinbargar, Steve
 Link to the Fox River Bridges EIS and ROD.pdf
Fox River Bridges Environmental Impact Statement & Record of DecisionOther Documents1/1/20162/10/2016 7:43 AMCoffinbargar, Steve
 Link to Longmeadow Parkway Bridge Corridor - Initial Financial Plan, Sept_4_2015.pdf
Longmeadow Parkway Initial Financial Plan, Sept 9, 2015Other Documents9/9/20159/9/2015 8:25 AMCoffinbargar, Steve
 Longmeadow A1-December_9_2015.pdf
LMP Section A-1 Final Plans, Aug 2015Other Documents8/31/20151/30/2020 10:55 AMCoffinbargar, Steve
 Village of Algonquin LMP Presentation July 7 2015 (2).pdf
LMP Presentation at the Village of Algonquin Board Meeting, July 2015Other Documents8/11/20158/11/2015 8:00 AMCoffinbargar, Steve
 Willoughby Farms Estates Homeowners Association BOD Meeting re LMP, Aug 2015.pdf
LMP Presentation at Willoughby Farms Estates Board Meeting, Aug 2015Other Documents8/11/20158/11/2015 8:07 AMCoffinbargar, Steve
 LMP Metro West COG Letter of Support, June 2015.pdf
Metro West Council of Government LMP Letter of Support - June 2015Other Documents8/3/20158/3/2015 9:50 AMCoffinbargar, Steve
 LMP White Paper (5).pdf
Longmeadow Parkway Response to Public Comments, July 2015Other Documents7/27/20152/1/2016 11:22 AMCoffinbargar, Steve
 Dundee Township Mtg Final 4-14-2015.ppt
Longmeadow Pkwy presentation at the Dundee Township Annual Meeting, April 2015Other Documents4/22/20154/22/2015 3:24 PMCoffinbargar, Steve
 Cville Village mtg - LMP 2-3-2015 Final.pdf
Longmeadow Parkway Project Update presented to Village of Carpentersville Feb 2015Other Documents3/12/20153/12/2015 9:35 AMCoffinbargar, Steve
 2013.12.04_Final Longmeadow Parkway CDR - Volume I.pdf
Design Report - Volume 1Other Documents3/5/20153/5/2015 11:51 AMChris Ardelean
 2013.12.04_Final Longmeadow Parkway CDR - Volume II - Part 1.pdf
Design Report - Volume 2 - Part 1Other Documents3/5/20153/5/2015 11:50 AMChris Ardelean
 2013.12.04_Final Longmeadow Parkway CDR - Volume II - Part 2.pdf
Design Report - Volume 2 - Part 2Other Documents3/5/20153/5/2015 11:53 AMChris Ardelean
 LMP WIEs.pdf
Wetland Impact EvaluationsOther Documents3/4/20153/4/2015 3:58 PMChris Ardelean
 Longmeadow Tree Report Final August 7 2014.pdf
Initial Tree Survey Report, Update August 2014 - Subject to RevisionOther Documents3/4/20154/8/2015 8:51 AMCoffinbargar, Steve
 Friends of the Fox River - Nov 2014.ppt
Longmeadow Pkwy Project History presented to Friends of the Fox River - Nov 2014Other Documents11/12/201411/14/2014 1:48 PMCoffinbargar, Steve
 Preliminary Plan_Profile Sheets_Sept 2014.pdf
Longmeadow Parkway Preliminary Plan & Profile, Sept 2014Other Documents10/9/201410/9/2014 2:14 PMCoffinbargar, Steve
 VE Longmeadow Presentation 7-9-2014.pdf
Value Engineering Summary - July 2014Other Documents7/25/20147/25/2014 11:26 AMCoffinbargar, Steve
 06-23-2010 Longmeadow Task Force (Pending Approval).pdf
June 23, 2010 (Draft Minutes - Pending Approval)Approved Meeting Minutes12/27/201312/27/2013 10:24 AMCoffinbargar, Steve
 Longmeadow Engineering Info Meeting 3-13-13.pdf
Presentation from March 13, 2013 Engineering Info MeetingOther Documents3/15/20133/15/2013 3:46 PMCoffinbargar, Steve
 Longmeadow C.B. Resolution 08-10-10.pdf
Longmeadow Parkway County Board Resolution (August 2010)Other Documents3/10/20123/30/2012 7:55 AMCoffinbargar, Steve
 Toll Bridge Taskforce Resolution 06-23-10.pdf
 Toll Bridge Task Force Resolution (June 2010)Other Documents3/9/20123/7/2012 8:23 PMChris Ardelean
 June 23, 2010 Task Force Meeting.pdf
June 2010 Presentation to Task ForceOther Documents6/24/20106/24/2010 10:09 AMCoffinbargar, Steve
 June 23, 2010 Task Force Mtg Agenda.pdf
June 23, 2010Meeting Agendas6/24/20106/24/2010 8:55 AMCoffinbargar, Steve
 Longmeadow Parkway Status Report.pdf
Longmeadow Parkway Status Report (June 2010)Other Documents6/24/20106/24/2010 10:11 AMCoffinbargar, Steve
 Longmeadow Toll Bridge Task Force 01-15-09 minutes.pdf
January 15, 2009Approved Meeting Minutes6/24/20106/24/2010 8:57 AMCoffinbargar, Steve
 1_Reevaluation determination for Longmeadow Parkway Br Corridor.pdf.pdf
FHWA Determination - No Supplemental EIS Required (Nov 2009)Other Documents6/17/20106/17/2010 10:22 AMCoffinbargar, Steve
Technical Memorandum to FHWA for Longmeadow Parkway (Nov 2009)Other Documents6/17/20103/30/2012 7:53 AMCoffinbargar, Steve
 1_REVISED Longmeadow Traffic and Revenue Study Final Report_August 2009.pdf
Longmeadow Parkway Traffic Projections and Financial Feasibility Study - Final Report of FindingsOther Documents6/1/20103/30/2012 7:54 AMCoffinbargar, Steve
 Public Hearing Informational Brochure - April 2009.pdf
Longmeadow Toll Bridge Public Hearing Informational BrochureOther Documents4/1/20091/30/2020 10:46 AMCoffinbargar, Steve
 Longmeadow 03-26-09 Public Hearing pp presentation.pdf
Longmeadow Parkway Public Hearing to Consider Toll Bridge March 26, 2009Other Documents3/26/20091/30/2020 10:45 AMCoffinbargar, Steve
January 15, 2009 Meeting Agendas1/15/20095/4/2009 1:45 PMArdelean, Chris
January 2009 Presentation to Task ForceOther Documents1/1/20095/4/2009 1:44 PMArdelean, Chris
August 14, 2008Meeting Agendas8/14/20085/4/2009 1:45 PMArdelean, Chris
August 14, 2008Approved Meeting Minutes8/14/20085/4/2009 1:45 PMArdelean, Chris
August 2008 Progress ReportOther Documents8/1/20085/4/2009 1:44 PMArdelean, Chris
July 2008 Progress ReportOther Documents7/1/20085/4/2009 1:44 PMArdelean, Chris
June 2008 Progress ReportOther Documents6/1/20085/4/2009 1:44 PMArdelean, Chris
November 15, 2007Meeting Agendas11/15/20075/4/2009 1:45 PMArdelean, Chris
November 15, 2007Approved Meeting Minutes11/15/20075/4/2009 1:45 PMArdelean, Chris
October 25, 2007Meeting Agendas10/25/20075/4/2009 1:44 PMArdelean, Chris
October 25, 2007Approved Meeting Minutes10/25/20075/4/2009 1:44 PMArdelean, Chris
07-25-07 Presentation to the Kane County COWOther Documents7/25/20075/4/2009 1:44 PMArdelean, Chris
Meeting Agendas3/27/2009 11:15 AMChris Ardelean