​Kirk Road at Dunham Road

​Project Manager: Jennifer O'Connell, P.E.


The Kane County Division of Transportation has retained the professional engineering services of HR Green to study the intersection of Kirk Road and Dunham Road in the City of St. Charles. The existing intersection of Kirk Road and Dunham Road is a T intersection with Dunham Road stop-controlled. The purpose and need of this project is to increase capacity and safety. Three design alternatives were considered. They were ranked based on assigning weighted values in the categories of:

  • Capacity
  • Safety
  • Impact on adjacent intersections
  • Right-of-Way impacts
  • Constructability
  • Cost

It was determined that the Preferred Alternative is the Traditional Traffic Signal. The traditional traffic signal ranks 1st in the category of increased capacity, impact on adjacent intersections and right-of-way impacts. It ranks 2nd to the all-way stop alternative (which must be eliminated due to the failing level of service) in the categories of constructability and cost. The traditional traffic signal is expected to reduce the frequency of angle crashes by providing a protected phase for traffic turning left or right from Dunham Road.​