​​​​​​​​​​​Fox River Bridges


Since the 1950's, Kane County has experienced major development and growth in the historical city centers along the Fox River, which runs north-south through the County. The roadway network was originally developed to accommodate travel between these river city centers, but the major development and growth has significantly increased the amount of traffic crossing the Fox River. With limited bridges over the Fox River, major congestion and pressure on the existing communities has resulted. Currently, residents wishing to cross the Fox River must travel longer indirect routes through the city centers or proceed along a controlled-access tollway.

Representatives in Kane County recognized that the Fox River, with its limited number of crossings, represented a major impediment to travel. Therefore, in 1990, under the sponsorship of Speaker Dennis Hastert, the Fox River Bridge Advisory Committee was formed to address these issues. This Committee included representatives from townships, municipalities and counties near the Fox River. Working with the Chicago Area Transportation Study (CATS) and considering public input, the Fox River Bridge Advisory Committee developed and evaluated a number of alternatives between Illinois Route 62 in Algonquin and Illinois Route 47 in Yorkville. The Stearns Road Bridge Corridor and Longmeadow Parkway Fox River Bridge Corridor were evaluated for ​effectiveness in addressing traffic congestion on roadways in the northern region of Kane County, and deemed potentially effective at addressing the regional traffic needs of Kane County.

​​Additional Bridge Projects

For additional information on the Stearns Road Bridge Corridor or Longmeadow Parkway Bridge Corridor​.​