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Impact Fee Program

Kane County’s Impact Fee Program operates in accordance with the Road Improvement Impact Fee Law of the State of Illinois (605ILCS 5/5-901 to et. seq.). The County’s Comprehensive Road Improvement Plan (CRIP) document includes an assessment of the roadway network, quantifies the anticipated new development upon which estimated improvements are based, identifies availaible funding souces, anticipated highway improvements and estimated costs. The CRIP and Impact Fee Ordinance regulate the administration of the program, the assessment and collection of fees and the suite of available discounts.

The Kane County Board approved an updated CRIP and Impact Fee ordinance which includes a new fee schedule on March 14, 2017. Approved copies of the Comprehensive Road Improvement Plan (CRIP) document and Ordinance 17-92-Impact Fees can be viewed by clicking the link below. The new fee schedule is effective until changed by the County Board.

Impact Fee Application Materials

Fee Payment Location and Contact Information Sheet
Fillable Impact Fee Application
*After completely filling out the application, submit it by clicking on the "Submit to KDOT" button located at the top of the form. This link must be opened in the browser Internet Explorer.

Fee Assessment and Discounts

The recently adopted fee schedule and associated regulations contained in Ordinance 17-92 may result in a fee assessment which is either equal to or less than previous fee schedules and may be further reduced through various flexible fee processes.

Individual Assessments - Section 11 Individual Assessment of Impact
Impact Fee Credits – Section 12 Impact Fee Credit Agreements
Building Demolition Credits – Section 13 Demolition Credits
Exemptions – Section 17 Exemptions
Discount Program, Industrial Redevelopment, Transit Supportive Corridors – Section 18 Discounts

We encourage you to contact Jerry Dickson, Program Coordinator, at 630-845-3798 to discuss the applicability of these various alternatives.

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