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JULIE Status

As of March 14th 2003, the Kane County Division of Transportation is a member of the JULIE One-Call System. JULIE has designated our customer code as “KCDTOA”. When you call JULIE for a dig location request, JULIE uses a database to determine if we need to be notified, and if the location of the dig may impact our utilities. If the Division of Transportation is notified by JULIE of a location request, we track the status internally and make the status available to the requester via the internet.

The status of the request can be accessed by going to and entering the ticket number and state in the "Checking a Ticket" dialogue box.

Please note that unless we received a location request from JULIE, we do not track the status. Status can only be tracked for tickets we receive! The web site does not indicate the status of other JULIE members referenced on the bottom of the ticket! (Sample Ticket Status)

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