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​​​​​Intersection at Peck and Bricher Road

Project Overview

Intersection improvements will be performed at the intersection of Peck Road and Bricher Road.  The subject intersection is located approximately 1 mile west of Randall Road, just south of IL Route 38, and resides within the City of St. Charles (NW quadrant), City of Geneva (SE quadrant) and unincorporated Kane County (NE and SW quadrants).  The Mid-County Trail also traverses this intersection from the Prairie Green Preserve, located within the SW quadrant, across the intersection and then along the east side of Peck Road. 

Phase I/II Engineering Design Studies were conducted at the intersection of Peck Road and Bricher Road to identify and analyze operational, capacity and safety concerns for all users of the intersection and develop a preferred alternative to address any feasible needs.

The Phase I/II Engineering Design Studies included a crash analysis of the intersection, a Traffic/Alternatives Analysis, an Environmental Studies Review and the development of a preferred concept for future implementation to help improve functionality of the intersection.

As a result of the three alternatives evaluated, the preferred alternative included the addition of a traffic signal, interconnected with existing signals at Peck Road/IL Route 38 and Bricher Road/Randall Road, to assist in optimizing the intersections operations and capacity as well as adjusting the intersection footprint to better accommodate larger turning vehicles and pedestrians/bicycle traffic that navigate through this intersection. Additionally, there will be some minor widening improvements on the north leg of Peck Road to create a smoother transition within the cross-section.

The proposed improvements will be constructed within the existing right-of-way.

Construction is anticipated for the summer of 2020 and alternating two-way traffic along Peck Road and Bricher Road will be maintained to avoid any detours.

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