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​​​​​​​​Bliss/Main/Fabyan Intersection Realignme​​​​​nt

Project Manager: Jennifer O'Connell, PE

The Kane County Division of Transportation is proud to announce that the storied Bliss/Main/Fabyan Intersection Realignment and Roundabout project has been let for construction, a project the County has been trying to implement for two decades. It was first introduced in 1996 as part of the County's 2020 Transportation Plan and was approved by the County Board. At that time the Forest Preserve District of Kane County and the Batavia Park District began the process to set aside land for the improvement. This project is part of Kane County's efforts to provide an alternative continuous north/south corridor between the Randall Road and IL Route 47 corridors in Kane County.


The project is located in unincorporated Blackberry Township and is nestled halfway between the IL Route 47 corridor 3.3 miles to the west and the Randall Road corridor 3.3 miles east. Currently there is a distance of about 1200' (0.22 mile) along Main Street that separates a signalized intersection at Fabyan Parkway and another signalized intersection at Bliss Road. Traffic backups are common and the existing level of service for each of these signalized intersections is deficient. Additionally, analysis of crash data indicates crash patterns that can be attributed to traffic queuing, narrow shoulders and the intersection skew angle for Fabyan Parkway at Main Street. 


The project involves the realignment of Bliss Road with Fabyan Parkway to create a single four-legged oval shaped roundabout at Main Street. An evaluation of different geometric alternatives showed that the advantages of a roundabout at this location are clear. A better level of service, improved intersection skew angle and reduction of the superelevation through the intersection are provided with this design. For these reasons the roundabout is safer than a traditional signal-controlled intersection, will be more effective at reducing congestion, and will have lower long-term maintenance costs. 


In 2021 KDOT let a separate tree planting contract to mitigate the tree clearing required for this project. Four hundred trees with a 2.5" diameter were planted at the nearby Elburn Forest Preserve, as requested by the Kane County Forest Preserve District, to help with their mission of reforesting this nearby property. The trees were replaced at a 1:1 ratio and are established and growing at the Forest Preserve more than a year in advance of the construction of this roadway project.​

Bliss Main Fabyan_Exhibit.jpg


Roundabouts are designed to make intersections safer and more efficient for drivers, pedestrians and cyclists. The Washington State Department of Transportation's website provides information about roundabouts and instructions how to safely drive through a roundabout at

There are a few key things to remember about driving roundabouts:

  • Yield to drivers in the roundabout
  • Do not stop in the roundabout

Want to learn more? You can also download Washington State's Rules of the Roundabout (pdf 1.7 mb) brochure in English and Spanish (pdf 1.7 mb).
SOURCE: Washington State Department of Transportation website

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